A Weight Loss Secret

Everyone wants to know the secret formula for weight loss. Nowadays, being healthy and fit is an essential goal for all of us. It may be possible to get quick weight loss with short-term results, but a life of health and ideal weight cannot be reached through short term thinking. That is why it is significant to understand the secret formula of the weight loss process to create a sustainable result. We have listed down few secrets for your healthy weight loss:

  • Body type: Understanding your body type will solve many problems. We all have different body types, different genes, and have our food habits. Not everyone gains weight for the same reasons. No one is similar, so the approach to weight loss for everyone has to be individualized. There are many factors taken into consideration while planning a weight loss journey. What works for one person may not work for another, even in the same family. So, there is no one solution for all. Do not jump on any quick fix that worked for your friend, thinking the same will work for you. One has to learn how your body responds to a particular food. For example, protein-based meals work for specific individuals, whereas it causes constipation in another.
  • Commitment: Weight loss is a process that takes its own time for many individuals. One has to stay committed throughout the journey. Make small monthly goals and remain committed to them every day. Following a diet plan for one or two weeks will not work. A long-term commitment will yield sustainable results. The best way to stay committed is to have an accountability partner who should remind you if you differ from your goal. Stay committed to healthy habits, and weight loss will be easy.
  • Do not fall for a quick fix: Lose 5 kgs in one month, drink magic tea for ten days and get a flat tummy. You must have seen this type of advertisement. In reality, these do not work, and one should avoid falling prey to these. The secret to reaching your weight loss goal is not some easy drink. The real magic lies in a simple, easy-to-follow sustainable weight loss diet plan.

In many cases, there are chances of rebound. The weight which one loses with the quick fixes comes back in no time. One should understand that the ideal healthy weight loss in a week should be 500g and 2kgs in a month for most of the population.

While we have mentioned the secrets of weight loss above, certain other secrets to having a healthy weight loss would improve sleep quality. Adding a workout routine suited to you, like yoga, early morning walk, swimming, any sport, or a dance routine. If you follow these tips, you’ll not only begin to lose weight but will also discover a way of life that lets you keep it off.


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Ms. Misbah Wasi

Functional Nutrition Specialist ,Scientific & Regulatory Advisor for Health Supplements

Misbah Wasi is a seasoned professional in the field of Nutrition Science and Food Regulation for over 13 years.

Currently she is lending her expertise in the area of Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals, and is an active member of Standards Review Group (SRG) - Nutraceuticals FSSAI.

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