Four reasons to include Oats Muesli in your breakfast menu

Mornings are a busy time for everyone, be it kids rushing for classes or working parents trying to give a healthy breakfast to kids before heading off to a busy day. During that rush hour, we can sometimes resort to something handy or ready-to-eat. The most commonly available options are ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. But is that a healthy option? While you are starting your day, wholesome nutrition is significant to fuel you for the entire day. Oat's muesli offers a quick and nutritious option for breakfast for the whole family. Here, we share our top four reasons to include oats muesli in your read-in-minute breakfast menu.

  1. Loaded with nutrients

    Oat's muesli is chock full of nutrients. A bowl of muesli is a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and soluble and insoluble fiber. Packed with nuts, seeds and dried fruit all these nutrients will help you to power through the day at your best. The standard option for breakfast, like other breakfast cereals, parathas or doughnuts and croissants can often be full of sugar, unhealthy fats and processed ingredients and offer less in terms of nutrition.

    On the other hand, Oat's muesli is vegan, low in sugar, gluten-free, fat-free. Check the label of your favourite cereals for hidden sugar. Jaggery and honey offer a better sweetening solution.

  2. Variety and whimsy

    We understand that sometimes eating the same healthy breakfast becomes monotonous for you. With muesli, you can try several various options for breakfast. Every family member can create their own pairing. Pair it with milk or yoghurt, chilled or warm and top with fresh fruits of your choice. Muesli can also be eaten as a dessert-like parfait. Add berries and a few nuts & seeds to make it enjoyable. Do not restrict your muesli to breakfast. Eat it like a snack on the go for a comfort meal at dinner. Try it for lunch, dinner, or as an evening snack.

  3. Satiety to keep you full for longer

    The soluble, as well as insoluble fibres present in muesli keep you satiated for long. The digestive system is healthy when you eat enough fibre from your diet. Oat's muesli gives you that option. The insoluble fibre adds bulk to the day's diet right at the start of the day. On the other hand, the soluble fibre reduces cholesterol and makes your heart healthier. Beta gluten is the heart-healthy ingredient that absorbs the bad cholesterol circulating in the body and helps in its excretion.

  4. Help you lose weight

    An excellent option for weight watchers, Oat's muesli is a hearty but healthy breakfast. We all look for a healthy options when on a diet, and muesli has a good amount of complex carbohydrates, protein, and essential micronutrients. You can combine it with Greek yogurt or skim milk with fresh fruits for a wholesome breakfast with a tasty and fruity flavour.

Surely by now you have enough reasons to include muesli in your breakfast every day. However, not all the brands available in the market are healthy and trustworthy to the label's claim. Our advice would be to check the ingredients before purchasing any muesli from the market.


Ms. Misbah Wasi

Functional Nutrition Specialist ,Scientific & Regulatory Advisor for Health Supplements

Misbah Wasi is a seasoned professional in the field of Nutrition Science and Food Regulation for over 13 years.

Currently she is lending her expertise in the area of Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals, and is an active member of Standards Review Group (SRG) - Nutraceuticals FSSAI.

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