POP, FIZZ, ZING: Advantages of effervescent tablets

Our perfect answer to taste! Because we believe getting healthy should be fun. Our new offering is a twist to your liking. We understand that when it comes to health, it should be fun and not a boring task, that’s why we present an exciting range of products. Our latest product goes from fussy to fizzy. We have launched effervescent tablets that come with taste and health too. Just POP, Fizz, Zing, Go, the goodness of health in your glass! These effervescent tablets are sure to put a smile on your face. We understand how difficult it is to keep popping the tasteless pills for health and supplementation.

Zingavita has launched four new exciting products for women and kids:

For Women

Weight Management Effervescent Tabs

Stronger Immunity Effervescent Tabs

Daily Multivitamins Effervescent Tabs

For Kids

Happy Multivitamins Effervescent Tabs

Taking effervescent tabs is the most efficient way of taking supplements for kids and women. Effervescent tabs dissolve evenly and absorb rapidly, along with providing a delicious taste. Let us look at some of the advantages:

Taste matters: Daily nutrition should be tasty. Imagine swallowing a daily pill with no taste. Our effervescent tabs come with flavour and taste. Delicious nutrition with yummy flavours like orange and apple. Zingavita Weight Management Effervescent Tabs come in apple flavour.

Easy to consume: No more running behind kids to give them a daily dose of health. Now add them to the effervescent tab to water and offer them as a refreshing drink. Your kids are sure to enjoy this delicious orange flavoured drink. Some kids have difficulty consuming tablets. But when health is in a glass with taste and flavour, your kid will love it.

Quick to absorb: Conventional pills or tablets are solid and dissolve slowly, whereas the ingredients in our effervescent tablets are absorbed quickly, completely, and uniformly. Each effervescent tab consists of the exact amount of essential daily nutrients required for healthy functioning.

Unlike tablets or pills, effervescent tabs allow a large dose of nutrients or ingredients to be taken in a single serving.

Gentle on your tummy: Tablets dissolve slowly in the stomach and sometimes only partially dissolve, which can occasionally cause gastrointestinal discomfort. In contrast, effervescent tablets are first dissolved in water before consuming, reducing gastrointestinal irritation.

Way to hydrate: The amount of water needed for consumption of a conventional pill is just enough to swallow the pill. With effervescent tablets, you consume a full glass of water—an ideal way to hydrate yourself.

Effervescent tablets are more attractive to the consumer than traditional dosage forms. It is a palatable sparkling solution over a dull-looking and unpalatable pill.

In addition to the advantages listed above, Zingavita effervescent tabs are gluten-free, with no allergens and are made purely with plant-based ingredients. Give tasty nutrition in a fun way a try, today. Order now to get the launch discount offer.


Ms. Misbah Wasi

Functional Nutrition Specialist ,Scientific & Regulatory Advisor for Health Supplements

Misbah Wasi is a seasoned professional in the field of Nutrition Science and Food Regulation for over 13 years.

Currently she is lending her expertise in the area of Health Supplements and Nutraceuticals, and is an active member of Standards Review Group (SRG) - Nutraceuticals FSSAI.

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