Zingavita Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies for Kids for Stronger Bones and Teeth

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Chasing after kids to make them drink milk is a real struggle. As parents, we all can relate to that. But now, stay worry-free because you don’t need to run after kids anymore! Presenting you Zingavita Calcium and Vitamin D gummies for milk-hater kids and picky-eaters! These delicious gummies are specially formulated with the goodness of calcium and vitamin D with the natural and delicious flavors of mango and strawberry. Say goodbye to milk-time drama!


Strong bones and teeth

Our gummies are packed with the goodness of Calcium and Phosphorus which strengthen your little one’s bones and teeth.

Enhanced stamina and Immunity boost

Our delicious Calcium and vitamin-D gummies are specially formulated to give your child stamina and immunity boost so no worries for a playful childhood for your tiny tots!

The Goodness of sunlight

Our naturally flavored gummies are power-packed with the goodness of Vitamin-D providing the tiny tots with the goodness and power of sunlight, boosting their stamina.

Key Ingredients


100% Goodness 0% Junk

GMP Certified
Lactose Free
Only Natural Colors
No Artificial Ingredients
No preservatives

How to use

Chew 2 gummies daily after breakfast or lunch

Suitable for kids aged 5 years and above.

Consume the gummies for at least 3 months to see the benefits.



Vitamin D and Calcium are two key nutrients required in earlier years of growth for strong bones, joints, and muscles, improved cognitive function, boosted immune system; and strong teeth.


The safe recommended dosage of calcium for children 5 to 17 years of age is 600 - 1000 mg. Similarly, for Vitamin D, the safe recommended dosage is 600 IU.


If your kid is a picky eater and is not fond of drinking milk or is lactose intolerant, these gummies are the ideal solution for you with an added richness of Vitamin D which provides all the goodness of sunlight as well.


Yes. These gummies help with better calcium absorption, preventing deficiencies and compensating for the limited exposure to sunlight.


The key ingredients are calcium, Vitamin-D and phosphorus for better immunity, bone health, and overall nourishment of your little ones


It is advised to consume 2 gummies daily for at least 3 months for consistent nutritional benefits for children aged 5 years and above.


Zingavita Calcium and Vitamin D gummies are nutritiously and deliciously easy to consume with natural mango and strawberry flavors and are completely vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, and gelatin free with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.


The safe recommended dosage of sugar for children is less than 25 grams daily. 2 Zingavita gummies contain around 5 grams of sugar, so it does not cause any side effects if consumed as suggested.

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