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Spreading Smiles One Child At A Time

At Zingavita, we are on a mission to ensure access to quality education and health for children of India by joining hands with CEHRO India, an Non Profit Organisation which works towards the better future of these children by providing them access to better education & health.

We pledge 1% of Zingavita's revenue towards CEHRO India to support them in their mission to improve health and education standards of under privileged children.

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Aanchal Munjal, Actor
Most Delicious Apple Cider Vinegar Infused Gummies Ever Healthy weight loss gummies are superrrr tasty. The best part is it has the benefits of apple cider vinegar without it’s sour taste.

Aanchal Munjal, Actor

Farha, Mom Influencer
Nutrition Sorted For My Daughter I'm a mom to a toddler and like most kids my daughter is a very picky eater too! To supplement her food and to make sure that she gets all the adequate nutrients I have been giving her the Zingavita Mighty Vitamin Kids Gummies. I supplement her food with these tasty gummies which help maintain her immunity as well.

Farha, Mom Influencer

Esha, Fitness Enthusiast
Healthy Weight Loss Gummies Great For My Gut Health I've tried Zingavita health weight loss gummies when my gut health wasn't great and I actually experienced a difference in days. The gummies taste great and aren't too sweet.

Esha, Fitness Enthusiast

Dr. Ishinna Sadana, Phd Parenting
As a mother, my concern is that my little one gets the right nutrition and for that, I make sure he eats a balanced diet. Along with it, I give him Zingavita multivitamin gummies and Samar loves its tangy strawberry flavour and it is his favourite. Even I have my favourite from the brand, their oaty crunch muesli is delicious.

Dr. Ishinna Sadana, Phd Parenting

Deeksha Mishra, Brand Specialist & Lifestyle Influencer
We have been loving the kid's nutritional gummies by Zingavita. It’s a relief for mothers, to know that now any nutritional gap their child might be facing, can be fulfilled in such a fun tasty way. My kids think it’s a treat and gladly have it. I would say it’s a complete win-win situation for moms and kids.

Deeksha Mishra, Brand Specialist & Lifestyle Influencer

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