Sustained Release Ashwagandha

  • One a day dosage (300mg root extract)
  • Clean Label Certified
  • Clinically substantiated for stress management
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Know Your Product

Zingavita Ayurveda Sustained Release Ashwagandha is a premium, clinically proven supplement designed to support strength, energy, and anti-stress needs. With a convenient once-daily dosage and a sustained release formula, it offers a reliable and effective way to incorporate the many benefits of Ashwagandha into your daily routine. Trust in its Clean Label Certification for a product you can feel good about using.

Single Dose, Multiple Benefits

Enhanced stress management

Sustained Release Ashwagandha optimises stress management by gradually releasing its beneficial compounds throughout the day. This consistent support reduces cortisol levels, enhancing your ability to cope with stress and promoting mental well-being.

All-day energy & mental well-being support

By maintaining a steady presence in your system, Sustained Release Ashwagandha helps increase vitality and endurance. It keeps you energised and resilient during your daily activities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking sustained energy throughout the day. The sustained release of ashwagandha also significantly improves psychological well-being, promotes the feeling of calm and happiness, leading to a better overall quality of life.

Improved cognitive function

The gradual release of Ashwagandha's active ingredients supports cognitive function under the pressures of daily life. It helps boost memory, mental clarity, and focus, allowing you to perform at your best, even in challenging situations.

Enhanced sleep quality

Sustained Release Ashwagandha's extended benefits include improved sleep quality. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress, it contributes to more restful and rejuvenating sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.

Ayurveda with Modern Science

Zingavita's ACV Effervescent Tablets with 1500mg ACV, boast an impressive line-up of key ingredients that make them a powerhouse of health benefits.

improved sleep quality*
improved visual memory recall*
reduced serum cortisol levels*

100% Goodness 0% Junk

100% Vegetarian
Clean Label certified
Sustained-release formula
Once a day - single dosage required (300 mg)
High bioactive content
No additives or fillers

How to use

1 capsule a day

Consume after breakfast

You just need to consume 1 capsule a day, dose at any time of the day. For best results, it is recommended to have it the morning after breakfast.



Numerous clinical studies and medical trials have shown that Ashwagandha is suitable for both men and women and can offer health advantages to both genders. However, it's important to note that women who are attempting to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding should seek medical advice before incorporating Ashwagandha into their regimen.


Stress and anxiety often contribute to sleep-related issues such as insomnia and sleep apnea, and they can exacerbate pre-existing problems. Simultaneously, inadequate sleep hygiene can intensify feelings of heightened stress, emotional exhaustion, and increased irritability, creating a self-perpetuating cycle. It's no wonder the saying goes that someone in a foul mood "woke up on the wrong side of the bed."


It is unlikely, as sustained-release ashwagandha has not shown such symptoms during clinical trials. Those taking blood pressure medication should consult a physician before taking it.


Sustained-release ashwagandha contains Ashwagandha root extract, and in the clinical trial, there were no side effects reported in individuals who took it for 90 days. Thus, there are no safety concerns for sustained-release ashwagandha when taken in recommended doses.


Sustained-release ashwagandha which is derived completely from the root as it contains the highest levels of Withanolides, the major active phytochemicals in Ashwagandha. Even the AYUSH Ministry recommends the same.


Yes, Sustained-Release Ashwagandha is developed using ashwagandha root extract and contains only diet sourced excipients which are not only vegetarian but also suitable for a vegan diet.


Withanolides are a group of bioactive compounds found in the Ashwagandha plant. They are the major contributors to the multiple health promoting effects of Ashwagandha such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality etc.


Garcinia Cambogia that is a natural appetite suppressant helping in effective weight management, and this formulation boasts of Garcinia Cambogia along with 9% acetic acid that makes you feel full for a long time, curbs cravings and aids in belly fat reduction.


Withanolides have a short half-life which means they are eliminated from the body very quickly (1-2 hours) and therefore their benefits wear off long before the next dose is due. Our long-lasting benefits extend from the first dose to the next eliminating gaps in benefits.

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